“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. 

—Nelson Mandela

“As children, we use our voice and other instruments to express feelings, but they also serve important learning functions – they teach us pattern, pulse, rhyme and structure, without the complication of language; they teach us the way humans bond and express emotion; they give us pleasure and encourage imagination and story-telling.”

Lin Marsh, British Council.

When you come on board with Lifted & Gifted, we work with you to design a bespoke package of performing arts workshops tailored to your school’s specific requirements. Whether the focus is around Key Stage 1-2 workshops, extra-curricular classes, confidence-building for students, CPD for teachers, PPA cover, or all of the above, we love supporting schools and teachers to provide a powerful learning experience.

“It was a pleasure working with Lifted & Gifted, who provided exciting movement and drama workshops for our children. Tanya Obeng was very flexible in creating the workshops, which were based on a variety of books for World Book Day. We will certainly not hesitate to use this company again because of their professional approach and high quality impact!" Claudet Hedman (Deputy Head Teacher)

Lifted & Gifted has particular experience working with a diverse range of children who have been diagnosed with special educational needs (SEN). We are firm believers in the power of the performing arts to facilitate learning for all children, and our teachers are skilled in using innovative methods to achieve classroom harmony and fun.

Our core philosophy revolves around using experiential learning to help children grow in confidence, be curious, and retain information in a way that significantly reduces the stress of assessments and examinations. Take a look at a small selection of the workshops we provide, and don’t hesitate to get in touch to talk about how Lifted & Gifted Education could bring a little performing arts magic into your school.

Black History Month

Each October, Lifted & Gifted is proud to participate in Black History Month by delivering creative workshops focused on the history of black and Asian people in Britain. Black History Month has helped thousands of British children understand their own history, and the history of their country. Our workshops explore powerful role models within black and Asian history, giving children from diverse backgrounds a sense of possibility and motivation to achieve.

Maths through Music 

Aimed at early learners (ages 5-7), our ‘Maths through Music’ workshop is tailored to the current curriculum, and is one of our most popular courses. We teach times tables through music, song, and movement, making it memorable and enjoyable for all children, and especially those with kinaesthetic learning styles.

"The workshop was carefully planned to capture the imagination of students and was truly engaging."  

Yvonne Germaine (Year 3 Teacher classroom teacher)

Movement and Literacy

This workshop is particularly impactful for children who are struggling with confidence and are afraid to read aloud. We use space and movement to embody storytelling and bring literacy to life, encouraging children to express and explore (and enjoy!) the power of language. This workshop also develops empathy, allowing children to truly explore how characters are feeling and why they might act in certain ways.

History and Drama

History is full of drama, so how better to make it come alive than by encouraging children to participate? Our Key Stage 1-2 history workshops are hugely popular with children and have proven exceptionally effective in helping them to retain information. Whether learning about the Tudor and Victorian eras, or exploring the Greeks and Egyptians, we tap into the drama of the setting to learn about society, hierarchy, monarchy, attitude, and historical fact. Each workshop concludes with a question and answer session, identifying and exploring the underlying causes of historical events in the given period.

PPA Cover – Learning through the arts 

Planning, preparation and assessment (PPA) time is important in every school.  Our school-year-long programme, ‘Learning through the arts’, is designed to cover classrooms during allocated PPA time. This programme can be taken on as-is, or can be tailored to suit your specific needs and scheme of work.

CPD Workshops for teachers 

Lifted & Gifted’s founder, Tanya Obeng, runs fun and interactive CPD workshops for your staff. These sessions help teachers access and reconnect with their own creativity; develop skills that will assist with behaviour management; learn more about working with SEN; and design innovative and fun lesson plans.

Extra-curricular performing arts workshops 


These educational and fun morning or after-school club programmes are aimed at Key Stage 1-4 pupils. They are designed to introduce children and teenagers to performing arts and exercise while helping them to develop confidence, discipline and social skills.


Our dance workshops focus on a new style of dance each term, with choices including Bollywood, West African, folk, street dance or contemporary. As well as teaching discipline, technique, and the power of physical self-expression, these classes encourage children to learn more about different cultures. Yoga has recently been added to the programme, to support concentration, focus and flexibility.

Musical Theatre 

In our musical theatre workshops, primary-aged children learn performance and teamwork skills through working with a director and choreographer.

Our teenage students are encouraged to work towards devising and choreographing their own musical. This powerful experience enhances their collaboration and leadership skills, as well as imbuing them with huge confidence and pride in their achievements.

“Words make you think. Music makes you feel. A song makes you feel a thought.”


E.Y Harburg


Lifted & Gifted’s singing workshops tap into the positive power of song for expressing emotion and boosting confidence. Each pupil is encouraged to produce both solo and group work. Gospel, jazz and popular music are all used to teach students how to work in harmony and enjoy music.


Our fun drama workshops develop students’ role-play and improvisation skills, teaching them to listen, work in a group, and structure a powerful story. Vocal exercises help children develop the ability to project their voice and use a range of tones in their speech. Our drama classes are one of our most effective tools when it comes to boosting confidence and concentration.

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